Terms and conditions

1. FLEXVISA Immigration Services (fr: Services en immigration FLEXVISA) is a business registered in the province of Québec, Canada by its sole owner, Ryosuke Tamba, RCIC R518811, (hereinafter, the “RCIC”) a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (the “ICCRC”), who will provide immigration consultation and representation services for its clients by analyzing profiles of candidates of various Canadian immigration programs, including those under temporary resident class as well as those under permanent resident class.

Initial Consultation

2. A client may contact us via web form found on this website and request an Initial Consultation session by providing his/her full name, present residential address, phone number, and email address.

3. An Initial Consultation Agreement, which is in conformity with the applicable regulations of the ICCRC and an invoice will be sent to the Client. The Client will be asked to sign the Initial Consultation Agreement and send back to the RCIC.

4. An Initial Consultation session will cost CAD$ 103.50 and it will last 60 minutes.

5. Full payment is required in order to confirm the booking for an Initial Consultation session.

6. Payment may be made by credit card or by electronic bank transfer. The amount will be charged in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise stated.

7. An Initial Consultation session will be provided via Video/Phone Conference Call (Skype and the like) or in-person at a mutually agreed upon location.

8. Once service is rendered, no additional advice (in-person, via email, or by phone) will be provided to the Client unless another Agreement or a Retainer Agreement is made.

9. Cancellation or rescheduling of a scheduled consultation session must be made by the Client no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

10. No refund will be issued after the consultation session has started.


11. After an initial consultation session, the Client may ask the RCIC to represent him/her and if applicable, their accompanying family members, for one or more of the Canadian immigration applications. The RCIC may agree to represent the Client before Canadian federal and provincial immigration authority.

12. The Client will be quoted by flat fee based on the category of application, the number of family members included in the application, and the Client’s particular circumstance.

13. A Retainer Agreement, which sets out all the applicable terms and condition, including, but not limited to, responsibilities of the RCIC and those of the Client, billing method, all fees and disbursements to be paid by the Client, payment schedule, refund policy, procedure of dispute resolution, and policy on confidentiality, will be supplied to the Client. The Retainer Agreement is in conformity with the applicable regulations of the ICCRC and the Immigration Refugee Protection Act and its Regulations.

14. Should the Client decide to retain the RCIC, the Client will be required to sign the Retainer Agreement, send a copy of it back to the RCIC, and complete an initial payment that is mutually agreed upon under the Retainer Agreement.

15. A non-refundable administrative fee of C$100.00 applies to each new client file upon signing the Retainer Agreement.

16. The Client agrees to pay all applicable government fees sets out in the Retainer Agreement along with our professional fees.

17. The RCIC will handle all the monies entrusted to him by the Client in accordance with the Client Account Regulation of the ICCRC.

18. The Retainer Agreement shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Quebec, and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein and except for disputes beyond the jurisdiction of the ICCRC, any dispute with respect to the terms of the Retainer Agreement shall be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction within the Province of Quebec.